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Founded in 2004 by Thomas Haugen, TFM has grown into a global recognized and respected company. TFM originated in the fashion and artist management industry as one of the premier management companies throughout Western and Eastern Europe. Today TFM has more then doubled in size and has expanded its reach into music, media, film and the luxury industry.

TFM is now at the forefront of the industry’s convergence. Utilizing the most cutting-edge production and management available, TFM specializes in conceiving and producing international multi-media projects. Our professionalism and expertise has served a host of entertainment and fashion clients from across the country and around the world, with time-tested contacts and relationships that enable our dedicated team with the ability to mobilize production quickly, efficiently, and creatively in virtually any location.

TFM is full-service production and entertainment Management Company that has made a name for itself as an industry innovator, offering some of today’s leading names and services within the entertainment and fashion industry. Our strategy is simple, we partner with some of the worlds most diverse and innovative talents and companies. Together we have managed to strengthen TFMs position in all categories and regions as one of the few multi-category companies….


Our goal as a group is to offer the most innovative services, brands and businesses in the fashion and entertainment industries. We are a service-driven company that focuses on strengthening and developing our brands to maximize the group’s performance.

By creating entrepreneurial opportunities around our core principles, which lie within creation, management and development, we have extended our global position, gaining a broader presence in key markets, as well as new emerging markets.

At TFM we strive to achieve leadership positions in all of the categories and markets in which we compete. Our multi-brand strategy has revolutionized how our group can reach new clients and create new partnership opportunities. This flexibility allows us to seize our prospects from multiple approaches, as both a mass and niche player, covering new areas for our clients, artist and partners.

At TFM, we strive in helping achieve our artists and clients aspirations, more effectively and with greater success than our competitors. We are dedicated to fashion and entertainment and are committed to using technology and innovation to enhance our services, brands and companies.



At TFM, we are devoted to conceptualizing, developing and commercializing the company in each market that we enter. TFM is not just a fashion and entertainment company, its a concept.

We understand that each individual market we enter is unique from one to the next. As a result, each new cutting-edge concept gets built around its culture and regional requirements, in close collaborations with local and international experts, to meet the markets needs and to achive greater result and a stronger foot-hold in the market we enter.