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CAF (Culture, Art, Fashion) is a not-for-profit foundation developed by Thomas Haugen, founder TFM and supported by international artists, entrepreneurs and government leaders.

CAF was conceived with the intention of building bridges and generating global awareness for the Culture, Art, and Fashion industries in diverse societies.

CAF is a foundation developed by the industry for the industry. It is inspired by the economic, educational and artistic potential of the creative industries in emerging countries and communities. It believes that highly creative people and trends are currently being ignored because of cultural and political boundaries and a mindset that stereotypes creative activity in emerging hubs.

CAFs strategy is simple and direct: We partner with companies, associations and institutions in emerging countries and together tailor a platform that will support and educate their local creative industries so they may operate successfully in a global marketplace. For more information on CAF Foundation, please visit


To inspire and strengthen creative collaboration and partnership between all cultures, with a focus on emerging markets.

To showcase new and established entrepreneurs and emerging artists in new markets.

To promote and generate global awareness of culture, art, and fashion in diverse cultures.

To enable emerging markets with global investment opportunities by connecting them with sponsors and industry professionals.

To support and educate creative industries in emerging markets so that they may operate successfully on a global level.

To nurture an industry where success depends not on hype or celebrity culture, but talent, originality and vision