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Style TV

STYLE TV, formally known as TFM TV is a new and exciting multimedia platform that provides unique, high quality TV programming and videos for worldwide broadcasting. STYLE TV provides a full range of expertise and experience for our television and web audience. The channel offers varies of programs from Luxury living, health & lifestyle to its most popular programs with focus on fashion and entertainment were our audience gets an unique opportunity to see different sides of the industry and follow artists, actors, models, agents, celebrities and industry professionals in a unique, intimate look at both provocative personalities and a spotlight on the cultural contributions of each.

STYLE TV is passionate about shedding light on those who are committed to and actively working towards bringing positive change throughout the industry.  STYLE TV believes that bland celebrity culture is chocking young and talented professionals who are dedicated to their craft.  Becoming a celebrity used to be the well-earned result of talent, determination and hard work or the magic of a personality that genuinely touched peoples lives and transformed ideas, turning the intangible into tangible.

With reality TV personalities taking over the industry, the art of entertainment is being lost and talented individuals who have dedicated their lives are struggling to get work and becoming disheartened, discouraged and disenfranchised with the entertainment industry.

STYLE TV is a unique opportunity that is dedicated to the art of entertainment and bringing talented entertainment professionals to the forefront of the industry once again.  We believe that the world is in demand for quality entertainment and STYLE TV is committed to achieving the highest of standards without compromise. Please view our sponsor presentation under for a full concept overview. For media kit and licensee opportunities, please contact us.